NHRI plays major roll in design, implementation and future deployment of Public Health interoperability project (PHLISSA)

NHRI’s senior business analysts, developers and QA testers are participating in one of the most important projects enabling healthcare agencies to exchange information (Test orders and Test results - ETOR) via an electronic hub. Utilizing the latest technologies and infrastructure our solution will be able to utilized harmonized data elements in order to provide valid and up to date information to potential consumers. Proposed solution ensures timely delivery of data to a designated agency and enable its users to complete their job faster and more accurately.

NHRI contributes to overall success in deploying Clinical trial laboratory solution

NHRI’s business, QA analysts and document writers ensured on time quality deployment of a very complex medical trial laboratory solution in greater Atlanta Area.

NHRI implementing StarLIMS software for one of the largest petrochemical plants in Africa

NHRI is working diligently to implemented V10 StarLIMS Manufacturing solution. NHRI team will work closely with Clients team to ensure successful system deployment.

NHRI participates in StarLIMS software upgrade from v8 to v10

NHRI is working closely with the StarLIMS team to migrate a pharmaceutical system, currently implemented in V8, to V10. Main focus of NHRI team is successful data migration.

Implementing State Public Health Lab in the Mid-West

NHRI is implementing new lab functionality and integrating with billing and Teleforms software packages as part of the effort to improve performance and minimize manual data processing.

PHIN Conference

NHRI and NovoLab Solutions will deliver a presentation at the 2009 PHIN conference in Atlanta (Aug 30-Sept 3).

Release of new Video on Demand (VOD) Portal

NHRI provides continued support and plays a key role in launching a new Video On Demand (VOD) framework for two of the largest US cable service providers.

Beta Release: Training and video management framework

NHRI is working for one of the world’s largest software development companies to implement a state-of-the-art training and video management framework that includes fully configurable and flexible content management and consumer facing web portal.

LIMS Implementation for a large U.S. public health organization

NHRI and NovoLab Solutions are implementing a customized COTS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for a large U.S. public health organization. The resulting system will track specimen test results across a large number of laboratories, enabling multiple laboratories to collaborate in the event of a significant public health incident.

About Us

With over 30 years of combined experience in laboratory and software development and after having implemented dozens of diversified solutions in the private and public sectors, NHRI has firsthand knowledge and understanding of the common challenges that remain in health informatics. This exposure and experience has allowed us to identify key problem factors. There is no denying having real-time information and remote global access is vital in today’s laboratory environment; after many years of studying and evaluating the pressures, we have isolated the following issues and are ready to offer viable and beneficial solutions.

The first problem organizations encounter is the high costs associated with maintaining and managing proprietary legacy systems. Combined with the scarcity of IT resources required for the ongoing support, expenditures can escalate beyond budgeted resources.

Another challenge organizations continue to face is their inability to meet regulatory compliance. With the increasing number of regulations including HIPPRA, Section 501, and 21 CFR Part 1, systems falling short bring negative scrutiny to the organization.

The inability to collaborate within and across organizations and agencies is a growing issue. The ability to exchange and interchange messages is of vital importance. Major public health outbreaks require immediate coordination and cooperation between and across agencies. Data must be collected, recorded, processed, analyzed, and then immediately made accessible. The timely exchange of information is critical to agencies’ ability to make real-time decisions.

Organizations have islands of information they must access for analysis to make quick decisions. The ability to quickly access real-time data can mean the difference between life and death. Often data must be manually compiled when existing systems lack the capability for inter-agency communication. Agencies seeking to build a bridge across disparate systems face expensive custom upgrades due to incompatibility.

Efficient collection and rapid communication of information can ensure that a patient receives the correct treatment; that an initial disease outbreak is quickly recognized and contained, or that world health partners are able to coordinate a response to a pandemic health crisis. The process of making such data readily available is an ongoing challenge that agencies face each day.

NHRI is determined to address these critical needs and we are committed to delivering the highest quality solution. We understand the importance of maximizing your operation’s efficiency while embracing change. NHRI’s cost efficient solution enables organizations to maximize efficiency with a straightforward vehicle for rapid data access exchange.